Brisbane Lions 'Brothers in Arms' 2001 (Signed / Framed)

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Item Description

Print dimensions. 630mm x 910mm

Faithfully reproduced from an original oil painting by renowned sports artist and former Fitzroy Footballer, Jamie Cooper. Lithographic print on 300gsm quality acid free art stock.

Each signed print has been individualised and allocated a year from the number one print being 2001

This magical scene depicts 3 of the inaugural inductees into the Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame. Michael Voss – Brisbane Bears, Alastair Lynch – Brisbane Lions and Kevin Murray – Fitzroy FC stand united, arm in arm symbolising the 3 that have become one. The united entities of the Fitzroy FC, the Brisbane Bears and The Brisbane Lions, share the same proud history and here in this magnificent canvas our heroes stand proudly in front of the Brunswick Street oval and Gabba Grandstands.

It was felt that Voss should represent The Bears, as he debuted with them and won his Brownlow as a Bear. Lynchy was the unanimous vote for the Brisbane Lion and central figure. He won 3 premierships with the Brisbane Lions but just as significantly, played with all three clubs. Kevin Murray is the face of the Fitzroy FC, a Brownlow medallist and a passionate Lion in all it’s changing phases. 

Significant Club Dates:

  • 1897 - Fitzroy VFL Debut
  • 1898 - Premiership
  • 1899 - Premiership
  • 1900 - Premiership
  • 1901 - Premiership
  • 1913 - Premiership
  • 1916 - Premiership
  • 1922 - Premiership
  • 1944 - Premiership
  • 1955 - Kevin Murray Debut
  • 1987 - Brisbane FC Established
  • 1988 - Alastair Lynch Debut
  • 1992 - Michael Voss Debut
  • 1996 - Brisbane FFC Established
  • 1997 - Brisbane Lions Debut
  • 2001 - Premiership
  • 2002 - Premiership
  • 2003 - Premiership
  • 2012 - BBFFC Hall of Fame Established

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