NSW Police Legacy Naming Rights Auction

Your chance to name a NSW Police puppy!

NSW Police Dog Unit "B" Litter

Bryson pupSpringer Pup 2Puppy 3

From left to right: 'Bryson' pup (Male), Puppy 2 (Female), Puppy 3 (Female)


Seven NSW Police puppies need names that begin with "B". Whether you are an invidual, family, or organisation, we would love for you to get involved by placing a bid for a puppy you would like to name. The puppies are listed here: http://bit.ly/12lAJ65

All proceeds go to the NSW Police Legacy, a registered Australian charity that looks after the families of deceased NSW Police Officers: http://www.policelegacynsw.org.au


On 22nd December 2012, eight Springer Spaniel pups were born to drug detection dog, Maya. The litter of four males and four females are known as "B" Litter, which means all of their names will begin with the letter "B".

One of these pups will be called Bryson, in memory of the late Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson who was killed on duty in December 2012.

The other seven need names and we are holding an online auction to name these pups.  The auction will raise money for NSW Police Legacy and help us to help the families of deceased NSW Police Officers.

This is your chance to name a police puppy! Whether you are an individual or organisation, we'd love you to get involved and place a bid for the puppy you would like to name.

Naming rules

Please make sure you read the full Terms and Conditions before bidding: http://bit.ly/X8cEtE

The following is an extract from the Terms and Conditions.

(A)   the name must begin with the letter ‘B’;

(B)  the name must not contain any language which Police Legacy or the NSWPF considers to be offensive (for example swear words or other derogatory language);

(C)  the name must be written in the English language;

(D)  the name will preferably be one syllable and must be no more than two syllables;

(E)  the name must not include a brand or company name;

(F)   the name must not be similar to a command given to a dog (for example sit, stay or drop);

(G)  the name must not be part of the phonetic alphabet;

(H)  the name must not be any of the following:

  1. Bear;
  2. Belle;
  3. Bernie;
  4. Bertie;
  5. Bev;
  6. Bigman;
  7. Bluey;
  8. Boags;
  9. Bob;
  10. Bodie;
  11. Bonno;
  12. Bozo;
  13. Bradshaw;
  14. Brenna;
  15. Bronte; or
  16. Buster.




Auction Listings

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